Restaurang Sjön

“Sjön” is a high-end restaurant in Jönköping beautifully located right on the beach of lake Vättern

Johan Argus Design was hired to design and renovate the interior of the restaurant with the mission to give it a new feeling that matched the new owner’s style better. Our handmade concrete- and white oiled furniture combined with a hefty amount of brass used in things like the new bar, wine-cellar and entrance gives the restaurant a light and elegant feeling.


Bryggan Café & Bistro

Johan Argus Design was hired by Nordisk Möbelkonst to manufacture the tables they designed for Bryggan Café & Bistro.


Bada Bing Burger

Johan Argus Design was hired to do a complete renovation of Bada Bing Burger’s interior before they could open. 

The mission was to give the place a timeless and rustic atmosphere and this was achieved by working with a lot of concrete, wood and steel. The massive sign above the entrance was manufactured directly from a big tree that was cut down.


Ebenist Stockholm

Ebenist is a restaurant, bar and wine-cellar located in the Gamla Stan area of Stockholm. 

Johan Argus Design was hired to renovate the restaurant in collaboration with Stylt Trampoli that was responsible for the architecture and storytelling. The goal was to create a rustic and antique experience and we achieved that by using a lot of solid wood, by hand-painting the floors, walls and roof, as well as designing & manufacturing a lot of tailor-made furniture that matched the restaurant’s concept.


El Duderino

Before El Duderino became the loved neighborhood pub & bistro it is today, Johan Argus Design was hired to design and build the interior. The furniture and interior were tailor-made using lots of wood, concrete and rusty metal to give the restaurant a rustic “living room” atmosphere.                                                                 






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made here in Sweden

All of our furniture, made here in Sweden, are created uniquely and in limited editions which ensures that each piece gets the individual attention it deserves. Whether you're furnishing a modest office or a spacious restaurant, we will help you create a space that you'll love to be in.

aesthetics and functionality 

Our mission at Johan Argus Design is to turn our clients concepts into reality by bringing together aesthetics and functionality into unique interior design. Our services includes everything from designing and manufacturing individual pieces of furniture to delivering complete renovations of restaurants, bars, offices and other types of spaces.

Johan Argus

– Founder & CEO I started Johan Argus Design out of a desire to help people think out of the box when it comes to interior design. I love working with natural materials, and my main inspiration when designing furniture comes from the simplicity and uniqueness of nature itself. To achieve the best possible results you have to really value good relations with your clients and show them that you put the quality of the product first. Gaining your client’s full trust means that you can collaborate more fluently, resulting in being able to develop unique concepts together that can’t be found from